Common Pests of Plants in Your Garden

Common pests of plants

When you have a beautiful garden, seeing it invaded by pests is disheartening. These pests can wreak havoc on your plants, causing damage at different stages of your plant’s growth and hindering their growth and potential yield. Garden pests range from insects to rodents and even some diseases. They attack parts of plants that are … Read more

Gardening Hardiness Zones around the World

Gardening hardiness zones

As a gardener, you sometimes plant crops that fail to grow or thrive despite giving them all the attention and care you can. These garden crops often fail to thrive because they are in a gardening zone that doesn’t suit their growth. Gardening Hardiness zones refer to areas suitable for the growth of certain crops … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

Composting for organic gardening

As a gardener, you’re always looking for ways to improve the performance of your garden, and you can accomplish this by improving your soil and making more nutrients available to your plants. One of the ways to improve your garden’s output is through the use of compost. Compost is made from the decomposition of organic … Read more

Container Gardening – A Beginner’s Guide

Container gardening

Container Gardening – A Beginner’s Guide Organic gardening is one of the avenues for ensuring a sustainable provision of healthy food options for yourself and your household. One of the challenges of starting a traditional organic garden is that your soil may not have the qualities that favor gardening. However, you can still raise your … Read more

Garden Soil Preparation – A Detailed Guide

Garden soil preparation

Your garden soil preparation process is one of the most important determinants of how profitable your gardening endeavor will be. Soil is the foundation of any successful garden, as it provides the essential nutrients, water, and support needed for plants to grow and flourish. Preparing the soil before planting is a crucial step in creating … Read more

Vegetable Gardening 101 – A Beginner’s Guide

Vegetable gardening

The quality of food eaten worldwide is devoid of certain nutrients that can be found in vegetables. You can improve the quality of food your family consumes by practicing vegetable gardening to foster self-sufficiency in feeding. However, starting a vegetable garden can be overwhelming for beginners. A vegetable garden gives you benefits that span from … Read more

Organic Gardening for Beginners – All You Need to Know

organic gardening for beginners

The level of environmental destruction to create commercial farms has caused us to lose some of the components of the environment. Also, the constant manipulation of crops’ genetics to create genetically modified organisms has robbed us of some important nutrients. However, to enjoy better nutrient-filled plant foods and improve your environment, you must engage in … Read more

Cabbage Worm Poop for Identification and Control of Cabbage Worms.

Cabbage worm

Cabbage worm poop is a signifier of the presence of cabbage worms, one of the pests that every gardener often wishes won’t be in their garden patches, in your garden. Wherever there are green vegetables, such as cabbage, you’ll find pests that love them, such as cabbage worms, and they perforate the leaves and create … Read more

Gardening in an Apartment – A Beginner’s Guide

Gardening in an apartment - feature

With industrialization and the growing real estate in many urban areas, there’s little to no available land for agriculture, hence the need for gardening in an apartment and developing sustainable agriculture. If you’re passionate about growing things, or you feel the need to grow your food or some of it, you can do so by … Read more

Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening

healthy soil for sustainable agriculture

The earth has been supporting agriculture for a long time, and the need for sustainable agriculture is being encouraged through different programs in different parts of the world. The need for food among the human population will continue to increase as the population increases; hence, the need to improve food production without the detriments many … Read more