Chipagreen – About Us

Chipagreen is your home for reliable information on sustainable agriculture, gardening and general farm practices, beginning from seed selection, soil preparation, planting, irrigation, pest control, harvest, and storage of agricultural produce, don’t have to be difficult, regardless of your geographical location. Get all the important information for successful gardening in every country of the world right here.

We focus on how to help you make gardening, organic farming, and commercial farming, easier with the introduction of modern agricultural implements, equipment, and robots. Gardening and farm practices, such as seed viability, soil preparation, planting, and plant management, that will help you have better results.

As gardening and farming practices may differ from one country to another, Chipagreen provides information that pertains to different countries and agricultural zones to improve the sustainability of agriculture and farmers’ and gardeners’ profit.

What We Do

There is numerous information available online, and it is easy to get confused about which information is right or wrong. Chipagreen helps you gather the most reliable information and present them in a manner that is easy to understand and implement.

We give you accurate agricultural information in easy-to-use formats.

What We Believe

At Chipagreen, we believe in the harmony of the different players of the ecosystem. Therefore, we try everything we can to help preserve the biodiversity in the ecosystem by encouraging organic farming as much as possible, and educate on the right use of agrochemicals when they become necessary.