Common Pests of Plants in Your Garden

Common pests of plants

When you have a beautiful garden, seeing it invaded by pests is disheartening. These pests can wreak havoc on your plants, causing damage at different stages of your plant’s growth and hindering their growth and potential yield. Garden pests range from insects to rodents and even some diseases. They attack parts of plants that are … Read more

Cabbage Worm Poop for Identification and Control of Cabbage Worms.

Cabbage worm

Cabbage worm poop is a signifier of the presence of cabbage worms, one of the pests that every gardener often wishes won’t be in their garden patches, in your garden. Wherever there are green vegetables, such as cabbage, you’ll find pests that love them, such as cabbage worms, and they perforate the leaves and create … Read more